Why sketch?


Because Humans…

Speak in words… Think in pictures…  Learn from stories.

Who is Sketchability?


Meg Melvin: Sketchologist, Visual facilitator, Content designer

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What can Sketchability do?


Sketch for clarity – Help your team or client, see the problem, and find solutions.

Helpful for transformation or organisational change managers, account managers, designers & publishers, marketing & communications specialists.

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Sketch notes

Sketch notes – turn your presentation or keynote speech into sketch notes that are dynamic and memorable.

Sketch your ideas for clarity – struggling to get that project, strategy or concept across to others?

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Teach you to sketch – frustrated doodler or experienced facilitator? Learn another way to engage your colleagues and clients.

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How does it help?

MaryChamberlain-headshot-CircleIn having a visual capture of the conversation, happening in real time, everyone in the meeting could see their own, and all the other participants’, input. This meant we were able to set the direction more quickly, under tight timelines, and then had a ‘talking tool’ to take to future meetings to help explain the complex scenario.” 

Mary Chamberlain, Director at Evaluation Associates Limited

“​Meg’s work is amazing. Not only her ability to turn thoughts into stunning illustrations but her ability to add value to those thoughts and bring it collectively all together is brilliant. ​

Being able to ‘see’ the big picture on the screen, as well as talk about it, during important presentation​s​ to my colleagues​ and team​,​ is​ invaluable. I’m able to uniquely show our past and future direction​ and vision so much more clearly​. ​The feedback I get every time I present using the illustrations is incredibly positive.

​It was also useful to me, as a leader, to be able to document my thinking in this visual way, Xero-Logo-Originalkind of like pictorial presenter notes, that keeps​ me on track and ​ensures I ​can ​cover all the content I need to.

Nigel Piper, Executive GM – Customer Success, Xero

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