Sketch notes

Sketch notes are a way to bring your speech or presentation to life with pictures and words. Audiences will recall core information faster and with more clarity.

Sir Ken Robinson | Can creativity be taught?

Ken Robinson-Creativity-Education-Sketchnote
How to move from a curriculum based on conformity to one of diversity? Sketch note from talk by Sir Ken Robinson, best selling author, TED speaker, education and creativity expert.

Ethique | The Story so Far

‘The story So Far’ by Brianne West, Founder of Ethique Beauty #giveupthebottle

Rotary Forum | Wellington | August 2017

Rotary Forum 2017 | ‘Achieve the impossible dream’  (a bitesize Sketch note)
Presentation by Wendy McGuinness, McGuinness Institute

Tonic Conference | Tauranga | November 2016

Visual notes from a conference presentation 'The Great Volunteer Experience' by Kerri Tilbury-Price of Exult Ltd
Hand-drawn images with written content that summarises a presentation by a conference speaker.