Teach you to sketch

Frustrated doodler? Always drawing shapes and curly loops around the text on your meeting or conference handout?

Struggling to get the message across to your colleagues, suppliers or clients?

Ideas come to life when you visualise them. Do you have all the parts in your head but can’t seem to get others to ‘see’ them?

Sounds like you need to join the Sketchology group on meetup.

I’ll be offering different meetup events around the country and aim to build a network of Sketchology folks who want to learn how to use this visual communication method. If you want me to host a meetup in your neighbourhood please suggest a free or cheap to hire venue near you.

I travel around in my small camper van so I can get to any place, big or small.

Look forward to meeting you on meetup.com

Learn online

I teach online at Skillshare.

Go to my class ‘Learn to Sketch… a Timeline”

If you would like to see the whole 18 minutes of video lessons you will have to sign up to Skillshare premium, (but you can watch the introduction video for free).

Skillshare premium costs US$96 per year to join, there are thousands of online classes on a variety of topics in business, technology, design and creativity in all formats.

There are also loads of free classes you can watch if you’re not ready to sign up.

Learn by human

If you would prefer to learn from me in person, please email me and we can discuss options, it all depends on what you need to learn.

Teach you to Sketch packages start from NZ$300 (plus GST).

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