New services: bitesize & customised

Based on some of the feedback I’ve had from the Sketchology meetup sessions I’ve hosted this year, I’ve designed two new services for 2019.

Learn to Sketch your Ideas Bitesize is a one hour, hands-on learning session suitable for anyone to attend. It helps demonstrate why visual works and encourages folks to pick up the pen and get started.

A hand drawn image explaining what, why, who, how, where, when and what to bring for the Learn to Sketch session

Visual Storytelling for Beginners is a two hour, customised for your business, hands-on learning session for those folks who already stand up at the front of the room in meetings. People who lead departments, teams or projects can now add visual storytelling as another tool in their facilitator toolkit.

A hand drawn image of 9 panels laid out in a grid, each panel demonstrates what type of content will be taught in the session

More information on the Teach you to Sketch page.

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Meg M

Visual storyteller, facilitator and content designer

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